Our Approach

Dr. Brennan and his staff have specialized in the medical/legal environment for several years and our attorney clients have come to know our practice as one that will rise above otherĀ  practices and understand their sensitive timelines and specific client issues.

Many medical practices do not understand the importance of timely reports, flexibility with depositions or the demanding subject of trial appearances. We have delivered satisfaction to our attorneys and corporate clients in these arenas and wish to show you in our very first interaction.

Meet the Team

Our team looks forward to the opportunity to deliver for your office and want you to feel at home working with us.

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William A. Brennan MD FACS

Board Certified Neurosurgeon

Dr. Brennan completed Vanderbilt Neurosurgery training in 1995 and has been in private practice since with complex spine surgery and head injury being the majority of his practice.

Sonja Davis Photo

Sonja K. Davis

Medical-Legal Specialist

After a long career in personal injury, Sonja was looking for something different and found it working with Dr. Brennan and coordinating medical-legal relationships around our service area. Her past experience has been a key part of how our team delivers the service attorneys and corporate offices have appreciated.

Ashley Duplantis Photo

Ashley V. Duplantis PA-C

Office Administrator

Ashley began working with Dr. Brennan in the operating room as well as seeing patients in 2013 as a physician assistant. When more legal administrative opportunities arose, Ashley rose to the position and coordinates many of the appointments, surgery and reports for our legal clients.