Expert Witness Trial Testimony

Expert witness testimony is one of Dr. Brennan’s most respected services. He has testified as an expert in Federal court as well as Louisiana state court and has been accepted as an expert in the field of neurosurgery in these jurisdictions several times without exception.

Attorneys who have requested Dr. Brennan’s services appreciate his scrutiny of detail as well as his candid and understandable explanations for juries. Dr. Brennan has recently testified as an expert in Neurosurgery in a Louisiana plant explosion case which is one of the largest multi plaintiff cases in Louisiana history.

Dr. Brennan has testified in depositions and Louisiana court for his Independent Medical Examinations.


Independent Medical Examination

Independent Medical Examinations or IME’s are something Dr. Brennan takes very seriously. Firms who have requested Dr. Brennan have found his team to be able to deliver fast turnaround and critical comparison of the medical treatment performed to the practices and guidelines of a board certified neurosurgeon. Dr. Brennan’s extensive experience with traumatic head injury as well as complex spine surgery positions him to provide this valuable service.


Workers Comp Second Medical Opinion

Workers Comp cases can be vexing for carriers and having confidence that the treating provider is working within guidelines of a board certified neurosurgeon can be valuable in the care of the injured at work. Dr. Brennan provides clear and concise reports and can easily defend any of the opinions in his reports. Answers to specific questions are always welcome in this service and Dr. Brennan encourages those seeking WC-SMO from our office to provide specific questions to be answered.