Expert Witness Trial Testimony

Dr. Brennan works as an expert in the field of neurosurgery in many capacities. Many attorneys request medical case file review as well as trial testimony. We are familiar with production of affidavits, narrative reports as well as trial preparation and trial testimony.



Medical File Review, Affidavit Production, Narrative Report   is at a rate of $800/hr.  A  deposit payment of $3000 is required upon scheduling. Deposit includes three hours and 4 inches of records. An additional charge of $250 per inch over four inches of records and time in excess of three hours will be invoiced and paid prior to report or conference.

Trial Testimony is scheduled upon payment of $10,000 per patient and per day. A full day 9am to 5 pm is reserved with a $10,000 deposit. Full refund is given if appearance cancelled seven or more calendar days prior to first day of the trial.

We encourage the deposit as soon as possible after requesting the appearance as our surgeries schedule 1-2 months ahead of time and reserving a day prevents the booking of surgery on the desired day. Surgery is never rescheduled for trial appearances.







Independent Medical Examinations (IME)

Our office performs IME on neurosurgical related topics and delivers a clear and concise report in a timely fashion. We encourage requesting facilities to obtain imaging studies for direct review on CD and in DICOM format. (Most imaging is DICOM already)

Also, our reports can serve our client's needs better if specific questions are included at the time of the IME request. These can then be entered into the report.


FEES: Flat fees are shown. Records in excess of four inches and time at $800/hr in excess of four hours will be invoiced and received prior to delivery of report or conference. Supplemental reports based on subsequent records will be charged based on $250/inch of records and $800/hr.

$4000 for our Alexandria, Lafayette and Baton Rouge, Louisiana IME.

$4500 for on site New Orleans IME.

$5000 for California IME.

Workers Comp Second Medical Opinions/ PERSONAL INJURY FEES

Many workers comp cases involve some element of spinal care. Dr. Brennan follows guidelines typical of those neurosurgeons board certified by the American Board of Neurologic Surgery. Evidence based medicine approach to surgical recommendations and review of care plans has made Dr. Brennan's services requested often by workers comp carriers.



$3000 Flat fee for Workers Comp Second Medical Opinion.



New Patient Evaluation : $1100

Follow up office visit: $550